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The patented fungus gnats-insects stopping mat.

By researching together with agricultural scientists for many years we successfully developed what we want to present you now with pride. Thanks to the sophisticated system the fungus gnats-insects stopping mats don't just keep insects away from your plants but also gifts the substrate a subtropical climate which helps the plants to have healthy and strong roots, boost the plant growth and leading to higher yields.

The substrate stays longer damp which leads to the accelerated evaporation of the water to be minimized and the dehydration ratio to be more homogenous. You have to water and fertilize less and because of that barely any salts are produced. Your plants will be well taken care of. The substrate will be enriched with oxygen thanks to the structure of the mat which prevents overwatering the plant. The microorganic live will stay optimal and affect the plant positively. For outdoor plants it also protects them from frost and weeds. Fungus gnats-insects stopping mats guarantee their purpose and keep insects away from plants.

The larvaes can't get into the substrate and therefore not get to the roots. In case the substrate has been infested before already, it makes sure that the pests can't get outside to prevent them from mulitplying and they will die out within 8-15 days. After many tesdious tests we were very astonished with the success and how much improvement and increase in yield we got thanks to the system.

  • No pests that can damage your crops
  • An improvement of the roots by 40%
  • An improvement of the growth by 45%
  • An increase in yield by 35%
  • Less dung and watering

Healthy ground, healthy roots, healthy plants, increase in yield. What does a plant friend need more?

FUNGUS GNATS-INSECTS STOPPING MATS - KOME, a product that can be used for a long term if cared for properly. It is suitable for all substrates except aeroponics.

Fits on all plant pots, even in the outdoor. Easy usage, a user manual exists in english and german.

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