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What are fungus gnats insects stopping mats - KOME?

Fungus gnats insects stopping mats are specifically designed to stop insects from getting to the substrate and damage the roots of plants. The unique structure of the mat allows water and air to pass but prevents the entering of insects and their larvae. In the inner of the substrates emerges a subtropical climate which gifts the plant more health and higher yields. 

Foto 6 shows the structure of the mat. The marked blue area shows the flow of the water. The black squares are specially coated to minimize the flow of water. That way the complete drench of the substrate can be prevented and only a part is moisterized. That supports the plant with oxygen, helps the roots and prevents rotting. It ensures a healthy root and protects from overfertilizing and overwatering. 

Less water and fertilizer is needed and thanks to that barely any salts are created in the substrate. It leads to a ballanced nutrient supply.


Many different sized and shaped pots exist. Fungus gnat insects stopping mats can easily be adjusted to every size. The mat should be ordered bigger than the size of the pot, around 1-5 cm more. Please choose the correct size in our shop so that it can be adjusted afterwards to fit any sizes and shapes. You can also order much bigger. 

Since you have to cut out the rest and throw it away, it would be a waste of materials though. To adjust the mat you need only scissors and in best case a white pen to mark it for the cut.
You can use many methods to do the marking and the cut. For example you can turn the pot upside down so that the open site lays on the mat and then you can mark it acordingly and cut it out. Look at Foto 2

When the pots already have a plant in them you have to dry the substrate and then carefully pull the plant with the substrate out like you would do when repotting the plant. After that you continue like that Look at Foto 2

If it isn't possible to empty the pot of the plant and the substrate then you can cut the mat in half, so that it can be adjusted acording to the root of the plant and from the back site of the mat mark and cut it. Look at Foto 3

Or for example calculate the needed size with a ruler and transfer it to the mat. Then mark and cut it. Please pay attention and make sure that the cut mat isnt smaller than the needed area. The substrate, the earth, the granules etc. must be completely covered. If the mat is cut 0.5 - 1 cm bigger, it is the safest. The mat can easily be cut, formed and well adjusted. That way it is guaranteed that no insects can come into the substrate. Like mentioned, many methods can be used. Easy to use, user manual in english and german. You can also watch our video on Facebook or Youtube.

When you have questions, want special sizes that we don't offer in the shop, etc. please contact us at

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